11:11 Brewing updates and adventures!

A reoccuring theme on this blog, is the introduction of the 11:11 Brewing beer catalog, as well as sharing the concepts and different procedures that go into the beers creation.

For this entry I wanted to take a look back at some of the past blogs and give everyone a brief update on each.

First lets return to the entry entitled, “This is How we Brew It”,  this particular entry focused in on a lot of the necessary equipment needed to engage in all-grain brewing.  It also highlighted a few pieces of equipment that while not imperative, greatly enhanced the quality of beer making.  Most importantly however, this entry highlighted 11:11 Brewing’s Summer Vibe American Pale Ale.  For those who missed this entry, this beer was inspired by one of my favorite bands, Walk Off The Earth.  The beer Summer Vibe was named after their last single, also appropriatley named “Summer Vibe”.  For those who have never heard of the band make sure to check back to the aforementioned post to see the music video which is posted there.

Now I’ll admit it was a lot of fun making the beer as an homage to the band, however there was always a small part of me that was hoping that the band would eventually get the opportunity to try the beer’s themselves.  Thanks to the band’s tour manager Tree and crew/musician Lee, who are two of the raddest dudes out there, the wish came true this past week.  The band was in town to play at The Paradise Music Hall in Boston, and after some logistical planning my friend Mike and I got a chance to meet up with the band enjoy some Summer Vibe American Pale Ales with the band and enjoy an impromptu adventure around the city.   So, once again I just wanted to thank Tree and Lee, as well as everyone in the band Joel, Gianni, Marshall, Sarah and Taylor as well as the rest of the crew, for enjoying the brews and spending some time to hang out.  I still think it is wild that 5.5% ABV beer is big compared to what you generally get up in Toronto.

As for the beer itself, it turned out great, medium-bodied and malty.  The golden promise base grain gave a very distinct flavor compared to past batches, and a nice but mellow citrus kick from the lemons can be picked up.  If you like summer beers that are more “beer like” than lemonade, then you will enjoy this brew.  Here are a few pictures from my recent Summer Vibe adventures!

Hanging out with Walk off The Earth, giving them their first taste of 11:11 Brewing Summer Vibe APA
Again! If you have never heard or seen these guys and girl live….make it a point to fix that problem

A finished and packaged bottle of Summer Vibe the night before the meetup.
It’s sitting on my dijembe, meaning I may or may not have been jamming out to some W.O.T.E. while packaging

Sippin’ on suds, workin’ on a buzz

They gave me one bottle back!
Thanks again to everyone at the Walk Off The Earth camp!

Another update brings us all the way back to the post entitled “Welcome to the Beer Factory”.  This post, besides being a introduction to 11:11 Brewing, focused in on the bottling of 11:11 Lightspeed Amber Ale, and of the coffee infusion phase of 11:11 Brewing Wide-Eyed Coffee Porter.  Both beers have been finished, and are available.

First, the Lightspeed Amber is a very unique twist on the common Amber Ale.  While most ambers are fairly malty with a distinct yet subtle hop profile, this version retains a healthy malt profile, but highlights a bright and citrusy hop profile.  Pineapple is the distinct aroma and flavor given off by this beer, which pours a clear bright amber with a soft white head.  At 6.3% ABV this is a bright easy drinking beer that still packs a decent punch.

Finished and poured 11:11 Brewing’s Lightspeed Amber Ale

The Wide-Eyed Coffee Porter came via inspiration from BBC’s CoffeHouse Porter.  There haven’t been a ton of coffee style beers that I have really been a fan of, however this one, especially when nitro’d, is phenomonal.  I attempted to create something similar while putting my own unique spin on it.  As I talked about in the original posted I infused this beer with a half pound of “cold” roasted coffee, using a Guatemalan medium roasted bean from one of my favorite coffee shops LaLa Java out in Northboro.

This beer opens with a very nice, distinct coffee aroma.  I think the aroma is easily the star of this particular beer.  The flavor is dynamic and big with a lot of coffee and roasted notes and a slight shot of hops.  While the aroma and initial flavor of this beer were “successful” the finish and aftertaste are still a work in progress.  There is a slight, bitter/sour note that while not completely off-putting is undesirable.  The good news is that aging seems to be killing off this slight aftertaste.  While some styles of beer are ready to drink right after carbonating, many styles benefit from increased aging time in the bottle or keg.  This can allow certain flavors that may be too prominent or off-putting to diminish and mellow into the beer.  As far as the Wide-Eyed Coffee Porter goes, it may simply be a case of having to allow a slightly longer aging process before these beers are ready.  The overall flavor and aroma is great and perhaps some shelf aging will help smooth out the finish.  Regardless this beer sitting at 6.0% ABV certainly lives up to its name as a coffee porter.

11:11 Brewing Wide-Eyed Coffee Porter
Who said beer isn’t for the morning!

So there you have it, just a quick update on a couple of the beers we have talked about in previous posts.  Remember to check out Walk Off The Earth, their new single “Red Hands” releases in the next couple of days.  Also look out for a new review blog on Oktoberfests, and per request a look at competition brewing.

That’s all for now!


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