Big News!

It is summertime, and for many of us that means, family vacations, sitting by the pool, and taking trips to the beach.  While it isn’t always possible to be in an area with an internet connection, at least one blog that you read will now be available in an offline eBook format friendly to iPads and other digital readers.

The first of two different digital books will be available next week.  The first book will contain all entries focused on brewing, the brewing process and ingredients.  The second book which will be available towards the end of August will focus on reviews of different beers.  Both books will be free, and the digital files will be updated each month.  Therefore if you download the book, and new posts are put online, you will be able to get an updated version of the book that contains the new entries.

The purpose of these books is to provide readers with access to the content without being held captive by the internet.  Furthermore it will provide another resource for you to have at your disposal, throughout your adventures with beer.

So come back next week for your link to the free eBook and don’t forget to check back each month for an updated edition.  We hope everyone enjoys this offline access to the beerfiles!




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