Tinctures: Finding that perfect balance!

Show of hands, how many of you have created a beer, added spices or some other flavoring to the beer, tasted it, and said oh ****, the flavor is way … Continue Reading →

Sessionable Fruited Berliner’s

While the weather here in New England is not indicative of it, spring has (allegedly) arrived, meaning warmer weather, outdoor activities and of course yard work.  I would be lying … Continue Reading →

Enjoying the good doctor at a recent beer tasting.

5 “Must Drink” Beers Volume 6

Even though it has been awhile since my last must drink beers entry, my pledge to try, taste, and experience an enormous variety of beer has not wavered.  This entry … Continue Reading →

Notch Left of Dial IPA on a beautiful summer day!

Summer Lovin’

10 am…85 degrees…no AC… Who says it’s too early for a beer? The summer months are often a tricky time when it comes to drinking craft brew.  While personally I … Continue Reading →

Project Solera: Diary (Preparation)

We are getting closer to that exciting moment.  The moment where all the hard work final comes to fruition and we can finally fill our barrel full of our future … Continue Reading →