Project Announcement!

Happy Holidays Everybody!!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season!  With Christmas now in the rear view mirror, and as we begin to look forward to the start of 2013, I wanted to share with everyone a little project I am starting up, and will hopefully be completed right around the new year.

For awhile I have wanted to create an electric induction brewing system, that would allow me to have an effective and time efficient all-grain brewing system indoors.  Living in New England the weather can cause issues when it comes to brewing, not to mention brewing takes time, something we don’t always have a lot of.

Anyways, the first few pieces of the system have arrived and within the next day or two I will be starting the actual construction of the system.  I plan on video tapping and writing about the entire process, the trials, tribulations, and successes as I create and work out the kinks in this system.

The beta version of this brewing system will consist of (2) 15 gallon Kettles, each equipped with sight glasses, thermometers, and valves that will both be sitting on temperature controlled induction cook tops.  The beer will be transferred between the kettles via a system consisting of a pair of Chugger inline pumps.  Finally prior to being drained into the primary fermenter, the beer will be pumped through a cooling system consisting of a hop infuser, and plate chiller.

If all goes well, I should have a system that will allow me to brew 10 gallon batches without the use of propane or the need to always brew outside.

Check back soon for the first video as we begin to play with, and figure out exactly what the equipment I am using, is capable of.


Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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