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First let me take a moment to welcome you to “The Beer Files”.  As an avid beer drinker, brewer, and lover of all things beer related,  both current and historical, I am excited to share with you my adventures, opinions, experiences and knowledge through this blog.  The landscape of beer has drastically changed over the past several years.  We owe the Papazians, Palmers, Calagiones, and Jamils’ of the world, endless thank yous’ for transforming the world of beer into what it is today.  (I’m sure I am missing several key names in that list but we will mention them in some of my historical rants.)

We used to look at wine drinkers, or “wine snobs” as those people who would sit there with their nose buried in the glass, hoarding the aromas, swirling their glasses, suggesting that they smell dates and raspberries, currants, and raisins.  Us “beer drinkers” would laugh at them, grab another bud light, go out on the deck with our car keys, punch a whole in the side of the can and race to the bottom seeing who could shotgun their beer quicker.  It is funny how things change over time.  It is clear Bob Dylan had it right when he said these times they are a changin’.  Granted, I highly doubt he was referring to the beer scene, but the fact remains, beer is no longer simply for beer pong, tailgating and NASCAR.  Yes, the commercial beer scene is still strong and relevant, there will always be commercial lager drinkers who argue what has more flavor a coors light or a bud light.  There will continue to be those beer drinkers who think they are elite for drinking a triple hopped miller light.  However, there is no disputing that with the craft beer boom, the increase in home brewing, and the acceptance of the wide variety of beers available to the public, this generation of beer drinkers are closing the gap on our dear “wine snob” friends.  Beer has become an art form, and walking into a beer bar where patrons are busy smelling their beers, discussing the color and clarity, commenting on head formation and retention has become second nature.  I cannot stress how happy this makes me!  Beer is an amazing and complex beverage, a drink with endless formula and recipes, and is an adventure that can take its drinkers on adventures all around the world, from the comfort of ones living room.

The goal of this blog is to help anyone who takes the time to read this, along on this adventure.  I will spend my time exploring beers from all over the world.  I will be opinionated and honest, I will explain the history, charatistics and where to find these beers.  Furthermore, I will explore the history of beer and keep my readers up to date as the growing world of beer continues to evolve.

This blog will also work as a place to learn and understand more about beer. I will discuss and explain what makes beer – beer, you will learn about the ingredients that make beers unique and special.  As a brewer myself, I will take you with me as I brew and create new recipes. I will explain the brewing process to you, hopefully piquing your interest in attempting to brew on your own.  I will bring you along with me to my competitions and share with you my accomplishments and failures.  Ultimately I hope to provide you with more than a simple beer review blog.  I hope to give you a complete well rounded experience, that will open your eyes to the world of beer and help you understand what makes beer so unique and special.


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